No Dick Pics

Hey there adoring fans!

Sir John, reporting in here live from Rochester, NY….well, not live, but I typed this in person. I definitely did not have my secretary type this, but that’s mostly because I cannot afford a secretary. Anyways, I thought I would update you all on what I’ve been up to. As of today my current MMO is Final Fantasy XIV, I quit for quite a while, but now I’m back in because the game finally launched on PS4. I gotta say, it’s looking great, but not as great as these dick pics:

Dick Pic

Todd said “No Dick Pics”, but I’m a rebel. Anyways, brace yourselves, I’m feeling like another appearance by Sir John is overdue on the podcast. For now remember these words of wisdom:

“Everyone you’ll ever meet knows something you don’t.” – Bill Nye

Watch out for Snuffilufigi!

-Sir John


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