• Oh wow, I happened to google my old username and noticed that it was mentioned on this website. It’s been about 3 years since I posted that! I genuinely laughed a lot at your response. The next person I dated did not break up with me before my birthday, so I guess I’m not cursed lmao.

    • ToddimusPrime says:

      Glad to hear you’re not cursed! Thanks for checking out our podcast that hasn’t had a new episode in way too long!

  • Gemima the pug says:

    Maybe it’s not always the guys who are the problem. “H4ush1nk4”, failed note that she betrayed her partners trust when she took a private photo of his, and exposed him with it infront of the whole year. Probably whole school. Her partner was even confronted about sending dick pics once, obviously to his shame he denied it, but H4ush1nk4 WAS PRESENT at the time of this questioning. She completely brushed it off, like she didn’t do anything. You’ve gotta be pretty self centered and narcissistic to think you’re ‘cursed’ because guys get tired of her emotional abuse and general self pitying bullshit, before her birthday haha. I think you guys should start up your podcast again and bring h4ush1nk4 and her ex ex partner on it. Since she thinks burying her past won’t eventually catch up to her. So much happened that I won’t write it all down here but after everything, she never had the decency to apologise to him but instead at the end, labelled their relationship a “waste of 9 months”. Which did hurt the heart of her tormented ex. He then thought back to all the times he was at her bedside, caring for her because of her health problems. He even allowed himself to endure physical violence and verbal abuse also, because he just wanted to care for her. Even being with her when her little pug died, she went from needing absolute dependence from him, to screaming “I hate you!” Forcing him to go downstairs and sleep on the sofa, like a dog. He ran at every beck and call to meet her needs, even when she was on the bathroom floor, cutting her legs open with razors and making a bloody mess on the floor. This is only the tip of the ice berg, she has alot to confess.

  • Do a podcast with the ex

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